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Magnet School

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East Rand School of the Arts (ERSA)


East Rand School of the Arts (ERSA) a Gauteng Department of Education school was established in 1999 in response to the clarion call of the RDP document which states that “Arts and Culture“ is a crucial component of developing our human resources.


This will help unlocking the creativity of our people, allowing for cultural diversity within the process of developing a unifying national culture, rediscovering our historical heritage, and assuring that adequate resources are allocated.”


We are a School of Focused Learning (SFL) in the Arts. We offer five disciplines, viz Visual Arts, Design, Dramatic Arts, Dance Studies and Music



We will achieve excellent results in all our disciplines throughout the year.               


ERSA as the School of Focus Learning


The EAST RAND SCHOOL OF THE ARTS focuses on the following Arts:


  • Dramatic Arts, Dance, Design

  • Music,VisualArts


The basic requirements for a learner’s admission are: Talent in the Arts, A learner must be holistically above average in performance, Must have passed the pre-admission Auditions.



The Xhosa of Southern Africa


According to the Xhosa people, the impundulu or lightning bird is about the size of a man, white or black in colour with a large hooked beak, long legs and red feet. Impundulu is frequently employed by witches as it cannot resist a woman and is easily influenced by their cunning tricks. The power of the impundulu is immense. It flaps its wings and thunder roars, it spits and forked lightning flashes...