Vision and Mission Statements


ERSA is a community of creative people where everyone is committed to achieve excellence through hard work in the Arts disciplines and Academics. We also strive for competence that will be determined by the proficiency of our learners in the Arts and Culture industry.

  1. We value and respect the diversity within our community and are strongly in collaboration with persons with large and progressive ideas.
  2. We will offer quality education that will be second to none for our learners through the expertise of our educators.
  3. We will achieve excellent results in all our disciplines throughout the year.
  4. Through capacity building we will ensure that a stream of highly skilled graduates emerges to uplift and sustain the field of the Arts in the country.
  5. We envisage producing artistic entrepreneurs that will contribute to the gross domestic product of the country.

East Rand School of the Art - Attractions.


Open Day


The purpose is to show or display what the school offers and for people to get more insight about the school.

Dates will be announced in due course.


Arts Evening


This event is held annually in September.

On this day the community is invited to witness the talents as displayed by our learners. This is our Main Day of Fundraising and we target the whole community of Ekurhuleni, more especially the business and ordinary people.


Magnet School


This is a School for Music, taking services to the surrounding Primary schools.

The purpose of the Magnet School for Music is to identify talent in music at a very early stage.


Primary schools with interested learners should contact East Rans School of the Arts. The educators of the Magnet school visit primary schools to teach their learners.


The areas of specialization are:

Voice, Violin, Recorder, Piano, Guitar, Basic Music, Keyboards, Saxophone, Drums