Auditions and Requirements


Enrolment Candidates should always bring a pen and a book or Exam pad to the Auditions. Candidates will not be Auditioned without these requirements.


All Enrolment candidates enrolling for Visual Art & Design, Dance, Drama or Music are required to properly prepare themselves before arriving for the auditions. Candidates are also advised to stick to the Audition Requirements as stated below.


Visual Art & Design


Art and Design Candidates must bring a selection of their art to the interview. This must include the following:

  1. 1.         a Pencil drawing from life
  2. 2.         a Design of any Purpose, in colour (i.e. Patterns or Posters)
  3. 3.         a Painting - Such a Landscaping, Portrait or Still Life
  4. 4.         a Recent selection of the Candidates own work, Including art done at school / Portfolio

Please Note that all work must be original work of the Candidates and may not be copies of the Artwork. Candidates must bring own pencils and erasers to the drawing Audition.




All Prospective dance Learners must attend this Audition.

Candidates are Required to bring along and adhere the following:

  1. 1.         Proper Dance attire, like track suit pants and T-Shirt and No JEANS and Shoes.
  2. 2.         Classes will be conducted by educators for African (indigenous) and Conteporary dance.
  3. 3.         Candidates must prepare a dance piece of their own choice not more than 2minutes
  4. 4.         all Cabdidates are required to bring their own music. only CD's will be allowed.

NB! Previous Dance experience is essential!!




Candidates enrolling for Drama at ERSA, should wear comfortable black clothes (i.e. T-Shirt, tights / track pants) No JEANS!!

Grade 8 and 9 Learners should practice the prose "The Xhosa of South Africa" below present it as performance.


The Xhosa of Southern Africa


According to the Xhosa people, the impundulu or lightning bird is about the size of a man, white or black in colour with a large hooked beak, long legs and red feet. Impundulu is frequently employed by witches as it cannot resist a woman and is easily influenced by their cunning tricks. The power of the impundulu is immense. It flaps its wings and thunder roars, it spits and forked lightning flashes. Where impundulu strikes, the ground is burnt and here it lays its eggs. These eggs are about the size of a hen’s once laid, the egg sets about tunneling through the ground to the nearest stream or river where it lies in the water. There it swells until it bursts and releases a new, full-grown impundulu. Sometimes the bird likes to show off to the ladies and it dresses in a red and black suit and mingles with beer drinkers. But it is soon discovered as it cannot drink beer. Then it quickly vanishes.


For Grade 10 Learners you need to practice and presnt the Monoloque "Scene Twenty Two from Mwongeni"


Scene Twenty-two


Lights come up on Mbongeni squatting on a box, wrapped in a prisoner’s blanket.


MBONGENI (knocking): Cell number six! Morena! (Knocking). Cell number six! Morena! Bad luck, hey! I hear they got you again. They tell me you’re in solitary confinement just like us. From Sun City to Robben Island! (Laughs ruefully) You’ve made us famous, Morena. The whole world is talking about us. Hey bayasiteya labedana bamabhunu man! [Hey they are riding us these white boys.] Morena, I sit here just like you with this one light bulb and only the Bible to read! Ja! And the New Testament tells me about you, and your family, and your thoughts. But why do they give us your book to read, Morena? They must be bladdy mad, Morena. This book only proves how mad they are. Listen. (Knocking) Cell number six! For people like us, to be locked here like this is just rubbish. So what do you want here? What does your father know? What does he say? Come on Morena, man! (Knocking) Cell number six! You’ve got all the power! How can you let these things happen? How can you just sit there like that, Morena? Okay, okay, I know you don’t like miracles, but these are bladdy hard times, Morena. Morena. I must tell you, now that I’ve gone into your book, I really like you, Morena. But I’m getting bladdy disappointed. How long must we for you to do something? Morena, I must tell you, I’m among those who have stopped waiting. On day we’ll have to help you! Phambiti neri-hondo! [Power to the people!] Can you hear me Morena? Cell number six!! (Sarie Marais being whistled off-stage. Knocking more cautiously:) Cell number!! Morena! Morena... Cell number six...


All Candidates must know all lines and words.

We look for characterization.

(i.e. the ability to become someone different from yourself, using your voice, body, thought and emotions)




Candidates will need to attend a Practical Audition and have to complete a Aural test

Candidates will be required to prepare 1 piece on the chosen music instrument or voice.

Aural Test will be handed to the candidates.